Inspiration! Reading helpful quotes & saying mantras daily, can instantly change your outlook and help to balance out your day.

Here is one of my favorite mantras to say when I’m feeling out of wack, upset, or sad.



The Hawaiian mystical philosophy of Ho’oponopono shows us a wonderful use of apology and forgiveness in a spiritual context.


Based on ancient Hawaiian wisdom, it uses four statements to continually cleanse and heal our collective mind. These statements are:

I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you


Ho’oponopono is said on behalf of herself and all of creation, seeing and understanding all life’s interconnectedness.


Whenever she feels even a tiny twinge of fear or discomfort on any level, she can use these four statements to bring her back into sanity and peace.


Therefore, taking complete responsibility for everything that is happening – in her life situation and the world situation.


She apologizes and asks for forgiveness, thanks, and love, not only for herself and the other person but also for the Whole.



Repeating these four statements daily will help with your inner peace and balance.

Forgiveness, thanks, and love are powerful free tools we can use in our everyday life.

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