How to Use Aromatherapy When Setting Goals for Improved Results

How many times have we made our new years resolutions or set a goal to do something or change a bad habit and didn’t follow through for various reasons? Use Aromatherapy

I know I have way more than once.


We start a list of things we need/want to change or improve upon, but then we get stressed out just thinking about doing it.

We can feel defeated before we even get started, Ugh.

Resolutions, goals, plans, or I like to call them intentions, can be tricky because we often think we have to do it perfectly in order to accomplish it?

Well-meaning intentions are often not achieved because we usually start too fast, too strong, and change everything at once?

Or wait till everything is perfect before we even try? (and we all know that perfect timing never happens).

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For example:

  • Starting to exercise, we go all in and get burned out, or we end up causing an injury, so we have to stop and never start again?

  • We want to eat healthier, so we start eating salads and green drinks every day, and we end up getting burned out from too many greens?

  • We want to drink more water, so we fill up a jug and start drinking a gallon every day??? But we end up feeling waterlogged, so we stop.

  • Start to budget our money and plan to save X amount every month. But then the car breaks down, and we don’t stick to the plan?

  • And on and on and on; I think you get the picture!

It can be overwhelming to change everything all at once. So you stop and never start again. Or, you stop and start but never really stick with your intention?

Too many intentions, like trying to do ALL the intentions listed in the well-meaning list above. We may start one or all of them but never continue with any of them because it’s too much to do or too hard to remember to do them.

We’ve all been there more than once. And we feel like we have failed somehow???

Use Aromatherapy When Setting Intentions

But, don’t make yourself wrong for not doing something perfectly, or in the correct order, or getting it done in a specific time frame, or whatever it is for you?

Life happens!

We’re not supposed to be perfect,

and that’s OK!

When making our intentions, we first want to start with our mindset and be willing to understand that we may need to shift our direction a bit when everyday things come up, but it does not mean we should stop trying!

We need to start thinking differently about our intentions if we want to move forward with them!

So, instead of thinking of our intentions as hard work, not having enough time, too expensive, or an inconvenience, we can start thinking of our intentions as wanting to do fun things. I Love this!!!

Wanting is the keyword here! No one is making us think about, set, or do our intention except us, right! So we can make it fun if we want to! Plus, committing to do something fun is way more doable than committing to hard work!

How can you make it “FUN”? Once a week or once a month, reward yourself! For every small step toward your intention that you made! You can think of your intentions as: 

A list of fun things to do, with rewards

  • Save more money – To have an emergency/backup fund! Reward: Set $20 or more aside and buy yourself a new shirt, book, earrings, or something you have wanted for a while!

  • Drink more water – For hydration and to help with your digestion! Reward: Get a latte or your favorite drink!

  • Eat healthier – To feel better and sleep better! Reward: Treat yourself to your favorite dessert or ice cream! (Yum, I love ice cream)

  • Start walking – To have more energy, and it helps with depression! Reward: Buy a good pair of walking shoes or a cute new walking outfit!

Making small changes is the key

  • Save $10, $25, $50, or $100 a month. When you’ve learned to live without that money each month, increase the amount by $5, $10, $20, or more. It adds up!

  • Drink one 8oz glass of water every day for a week. Then drink two 8oz glasses a day for a week, and so on!

  • Walk to the end of the driveway every day for a week, then to the end of the block every day for a week, and then around the block every day for a week and build from there! You get the idea!

Small changes become BIG changes over time

                       Use Aromatherapy When Setting Intentions

Using Aromatherapy When Setting Your Intentions

I read a post from Aromahead Institute, where I studied to be a Certified Aromatherapist.

This article was about new years resolutions/intentions.

However, this applies to any goals, plans, or intentions we want to set any time of the year by using Aromatherapy!

(This is where I got the idea of “Making a list of fun things to do”!)

Using Aromatherapy for setting our intentions is more about choosing oils that inspire you, offer mental focus, give you more energy, and help support your confidence every day!


The idea is that you will make a small roller bottle of your favorite scents and carry it with you. Doing this will be a reminder and a motivator to act on your intentions!

It’s kind of like the string around the finger to remind us of something. Using essential oils will help to remind us to move forward with our new habits every day!

Before making blends with essential oils, you’ll want to read this informative post called:

“Safely Using Essential Oils in DIY Skin Care.”

Use Aromatherapy When Setting Intentions

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Three DIY Essential Oil roll-on recipes to try!

These blends are easy to make, and they smell lovely!

Ignite Your Sparkle Blend

This blend will help you feel inspired about your intention, and it’s emotionally uplifting to help you stay at it!

Ingredients – *Organic

  • 10 ml Jojoba* (Simmondsia chinensis)

  • 4 drops Sweet Orange Oil*(Citrus sinensis) – Soothes the perfectionist in us. Emotionally uplifting, calming, and relieving any anxiety. Sweet Orange oil has a fresh and fruity scent.

  • 2 drops Pink Grapefruit* (Citrus paradisi) Uplifting and cleansing. Highly energetic and exudes happy, outward energy. Pink Grapefruit has a sparkling aroma with a sharp, sweet citrus scent.


    One 10 ml Glass Bottle with a roller ball top


  •     Combine the jojoba and essential oils in the bottle.
  •     Snap the roller ball top into place.
  •     Roll the bottle in your palms to blend ingredients.
  •     Apply anytime throughout the day!

Halt Procrastination Blend

Making a change requires persistence! This blend helps motivate you and stay grounded as you move forward with your intention.

Ingredients – *Organic

  • 10 ml Jojoba* (Simmondsia chinensis)

  • 4 drops Sweet basil* (Ocimum basilicum ct. linalool) – Strengthens self-confidence, helps to motivate, and brings clarity to mind. Sweet basil oil smells herbal and sweet.

  • 2 drops Black Pepper* (Piper nigrum) – Reduces fear and motivates change. Protection from negative energy. The black pepper scent is fresh, dry, warm, spicy, and woody.


    One 10 ml Glass Bottle with a roller ball top


  •     Combine the jojoba and essential oils in the bottle.
  •     Snap the roller ball top into place.
  •     Roll the bottle in your palms to blend ingredients.
  •     Apply anytime throughout the day!

Find Your Focus Blend

This blend gets you focused, energized, and it helps encourage clear thinking so that you can act on your intentions.

Ingredients – *Organic

  • 10 ml Jojoba* (Simmondsia chinensis)

  • 3 drops Rosemary* (Salvia Rosmarinus/Rosmarinus officinalis ct. 1,8 cineole or ct. camphor) – Stimulates and strengthens the mind, energizes, uplifts, and encourages clarity. Rosemary typically has a strong, fresh, herbal scent.

  • 3 drops Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) – Provides vital energy and support and stimulates vibrancy. Spike Lavender scent is Lavender-like and penetrating but also camphoraceous.

*Note – Be sure to use Spike Lavender. It stimulates the mind, whereas standard Lavender calms the mind.


    One 10 ml Glass Bottle with a roller ball top


  •     Combine the jojoba and essential oils in the bottle.
  •     Snap the roller ball top into place.
  •     Roll the bottle in your palms to blend ingredients.
  •     Apply anytime throughout the day!


First, hold the bottle about an inch or two from your nose and smell your blend by taking two or three deep breaths.

Then apply your blend to your wrists and/or behind your ears.

While applying and smelling your blend repeat your intention and why it’s important to you out loud while breathing in the aroma. (writing down your intention can be helpful too).

Then every time you smell your blend, it will help trigger your thoughts and remind you that your intention is important to you!


I recommend buying Organic essential oils whenever possible!

For these blends to be safe, it’s best to add no more than 6 drops per recipe as some essential oils may irritate your skin.

Plus, I always recommend applying a small amount first to make sure your skin likes it!

*Note – If any blend irritates your skin, try a different blend, and use the blend that irritates for smelling only.

Using these blends can be a fun way to keep you moving forward with your intentions.

Makeing small changes is the key to staying committed to your intentions!

Comment below to share your favorite blend! Also, if you have any questions about blending, I’m happy to help!

Here’s to making small changes and Using Aromatherapy When Setting Intentions!

Susie ∞ 

P.S. Your intentions are about learning how to do things differently. So, don’t let yourself get in your own way. Perfection is over rated any way, right? 😉

It takes 21 days to start a new habit and 90 days to make it your new way of life! Just remember, small changes lead to BIG outcomes. You’ve Got This!!!


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