How to Clear Your Space and Aura Effectively With Sound and Sage

When I helped my daughter-in-law smudge her new place with a white sage & lavender blend before she moved in, and it was a great experience! Clear Your Space & Aura

The only mistake we made was not opening enough windows. It was hot that day, and for some reason, several wasps were flying around all the windows. It was weird. Clear Your Space & Aura

Plus, the screens needed to be replaced and had already been removed, so only two windows had screens. We didn’t want any wasps flying in “Eeek,” so we only opened the two windows with screens.  Clear Your Space & Aura

We thought, oh well, we’ll be fine.


Nope, we definitely needed more windows open.

We both felt loopy the rest of the day after catching a buzz from the sage smoke. “HA”!

Make sure you have good ventilation when smudging!

Clearing your space & aura, also known as smudging, is an ancient practice. And is considered to be effective!

When we live with an autoimmune condition, it can be stressful at times, and we end up carrying that stress in our aura/body.

Smudging is an excellent way to clear and release negative & stagnant energies from your space & aura.

Then you can invite in fresh, new, positive energy. Clear

Sneek Peek of Whats Inside!

Clear Your Space and Aura

Reasons to Clear Stagnant Energy

Energy from people and objects can leave impressions of themselves in spaces like your home, office, and car. 

Also, negative stagnant energy can stay trapped in your aura. So, it’s essential to regularly clear all of these areas to make room for new fresh vibrant energy to be welcomed in! 

Best times to smudge include:

  • Before you move into a new home or office.
  • During and after any bad relationship.
  • While dealing with health/autoimmune problems
  • After the death of a loved one.
  • When a traumatic or damaging event happens.
  • While feeling depressed or sad.
  • During and after an illness.
  • When buying a new car ~ especially a used car.
  • Monthly energy maintenance is good too!

The most important thing about clearing energy is your intention. When clearing, you can visualize the old stagnant energy leaving the area while inviting fresh, new, positive energy in.

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Things to have before you begin!

White sage is the most popular sage for smudging. It’s associated with purity and has a strong presence, but you can also use other varieties.

Some common varieties are White, Black, or Red sage, Cedar, Rosemary, Lavender, & Juniper.

Although keep in mind that some people are sensitive to smoke, and burning herbs can be a little overpowering.

So, if you find that the smoke bothers you, there are other options! Like using sound, diffusing essential oils, or using a smudging spray. 

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Clear Your Space and Aura

Sage Clearing supplies ~

  1. Smudging Kit
  2. White Sage or other varieties
  3. Feather or Feather Fan (optional)
  4. Abalone Shell (optional)
  5. Sage Candle
  6. Sage Incense Sticks
  7. Essential Oils & Portable Diffuser (if you do not want the smoke)
  8. Aura/Space Smudge Spray  (if you do not want the smoke)

Sound Clearing supplies ~

  1. Bell
  2. Meditation Cymbals
  3. Tuning fork
  4. Tibetan singing bowl
  5. Meditation/chanting Music

You could use a combination of sound and sage like~

  • Sage & a bell
  • Diffuse essential oils & singing bowl
  • Smudge spray & meditation/chanting music

How to Clear your Space with Sage

After you have gathered your smudging supplies, and before you begin ~ Clear Your Space & Aura

  • Open the windows and doors to let the negative stagnant energy out and let in the fresh new energy.
  • Write down your mantra or prayer, examples:

“Release any unwelcome energy from this space.”

“Fill this space/aura with unconditional love.”

“I’m living in harmony with mind, body, and spirit.”

“I’m releasing all energies that do not serve me.”

“Fill me up with love, light, and peace.”

“I trust the Universe and my intuition to guide me.”

  • Lastly, it’s essential to clear your mind and set your intention. A quick Meditation before you begin will get you into a focused, relaxed mindset.

For info. on meditating, have a look at this popular post

How to Meditate Well:

Prepare Your Mind for the Best Results

Clear Your Space and Aura

Steps for Smudging

  1. For best results, clear your home/space before clearing your aura.

  2. Set your intention & meditate to clear and focus your mind.

  3. Hold the sage at an angle, and light one end. Let it burn for about 20 seconds, then let the flame die out and smolder. (Watch for falling embers.)

  4. Starting on the lowest level and left corner, walk through every room, working in a clockwise fashion until you reach the top level.

  5. Use a feather or your hand to fan the smoke around the entire room while saying your mantra.

  6. Be sure to reach the corners of every room, all mirrors, doors, windows, and inside of closets and cabinets.

  7. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas and places where visitors come & go.

  8. As you are smudging, thank your Higher Power for helping and protecting you.

How to Clear Your Aura with Sage

When using sage to clear yourself, you will follow the same steps you used (above) for clearing a space, but the focus will be on your body instead of your Space.

  1. Stand in the shape of a T with legs slightly spread apart and your arms out to the sides.

  2. Keeping the sage stick away from your body, start at either foot, work your way up and over your head, and then back down and off the opposite foot.

  3. Passing the sage to the other hand, on the way down the opposite side of the body

  4. Repeat if necessary!

  5. Saying your mantra as you go. “Fill my aura with unconditional love” or “Release all negative energy from my aura.”

  6. Imagine your aura is being cleared of any negative stagnant energy.

Clear Your Space and Aura

Clear your Space & Aura with Sound

Clearing negative stagnant energy with sound is done by using a bell, meditation cymbals, tuning fork, Tibetan singing bowl, or you can clap your hands.

Simply follow the same steps (above) for burning sage, but the focus will now be on using sound instead of the smoke from sage.

Space Clearing ~

  • Set your intention and say your mantra.
  • Walk around the Space, ringing the bell or striking the bowl.
  • While cleansing the stagnant energy to bring positive vibrations and love into your Space.

Aura Clearing ~ 

  • Set your intention and say your mantra.
  • Stand in the shape of a T,
  • Clang the cymbals, or play meditation music to clear your aura.

Clearing stagnant energy with sound & sage will keep your spaces and aura free from negative stagnant energy and is a simple practice for a healthy, happy, balanced you!

And remember to “open ALL” of your windows unless you want to catch a buzz! 😉

Here’s to Clearing Stagnant Energy from your Space and Aura!

Susie ∞

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