DIY Ironing Board 

DIY Ironing Board 

Making your own DIY Ironing Board is easy and fun! I had been using a small 25×19 ironing mat to iron my projects on, but it was always moving around a little and never enough space.

So I decided to make a DIY Ironing Board. I first got the idea from The Crafty Gemini; she made a small traveling ironing board out of an old wooden puzzle board, pretty clever!

I needed a much larger board for my needs, and we just happened to have a 30 x 28 board leftover from a project my husband was working on at home. That was going to work!

(If you don’t have any pieces of wood around the house, you could get the size you want at Home Depot or Lowes.)

So I purchased the materials that I needed, and tada, I have a large DIY Ironing Board, and it works wonderfully… I love it!!!

DIY Ironing Board

How it all came together!

I started with the 30 x 28 board. It doesn’t have to be a pretty board! 😉 You can use any size board that fits your needs.

Then I needed to decide what materials to use for the cover and cushion. I wanted a durable ironing board cover that would last.

I had a pretty cotton print fabric for Ironing before, but after a while, it had brown scorch marks on the material, and that made me sad 🙁

So, I went with the traditional silver heat-resistant ironing fabric for its durability and clean look! 🙂

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Materials for my DIY Ironing Board

How I constructed my DIY Ironing Board

  1. Lay the board on a flat surface and staple the ironing mat to the board and around the board’s edges.

The board was a bit bigger than I needed, but I didn’t have a way to cut it down, so it would have to do, and it worked out nicely!

2. Fold edges of the silver fabric under and press for a clean finish.

  1. Center the fabric over the board so it hangs evenly over all four sides, pin in place.

DIY Ironing Board

  1. Staple the first edge to the back of the board. Leaving the corners for last. I stood the board on its side to keep the fabric tight.

  1. Lay the board flat again and on the opposite side, pull the fabric tight and pin it in place.

  1. Stand the board on the side and staple the fabric to the back of the board while holding tight.

Sometimes the staple didn’t go in well, so make sure to have a hammer on hand to finish the job!

  1. Now the corners! Pull the fabric around and fold over the corners, pulling tight, then staple to hold in place for a tighter fit.

  1. Go to the third and fourth sides of the board and repeat steps 5 thru 7.

  1. After all sides and corners are tight and stapled, it’s time to add a pretty and functional backing!

Staple all edges!

DIY Ironing Board

  1. I picked a roll of spongy mesh shelf liner to cover the raw edges and keep the board in place, and it looks pretty too!

Nice, clean finish on the back!

There you have it, a large DIY ironing board for all of your ironing needs!

Here’s to Ironing!!! ; >

Susie ∞

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