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Do you take meds for your autoimmune condition but still have flare-ups and endless pain?

Are you exhausted after you run a few errands, then have trouble falling sleep?

Have you wanted to try natural ways to feel better in your body but don’t know where to start?

Autoimmune pain can affect your life on a deep level and can make daily activities seem impossible.

Hello, I’m Susie. I believe simple daily choices can lessen your autoimmune pain and boost energy – without more medication!


Here in the Blooming Autoimmune Community, you’ll discover new ways to feel better in your body, so you can live your best in midlife. Here are a few practices you’ll discover along the way:

 Food & Drink Choices

Improved Gut Health

Energy Medicine

Self-Awareness Practices

Essential Oil Blends

Plus, you’ll get loads of Support, Inspiration, and a few Giggles too!

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You’re invited to join the Blooming Community to Connect, Share, Support, and Discover how to lessen your pain and boost energy in your body & mind when you live with an autoimmune condition.

Imagine if you had less pain and more energy to do the things you

love to do ~ without taking more medication!

Begin your autoimmune re-balance health journey with something simple like walking and water. The following posts will guide you with simple step-by-step on how to make new choices and create new habits that will benefit your overall well-being. Blooming

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I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain and the limitations it can have.

My Story

One morning in 2000, I opened my eyes and saw my curled-up hand on the pillow beside my face. I couldn’t open my fingers, then developed debilitating pain in my hands and feet that spread and worsened over the next few months until I could barely stand up from a chair or raise my arms above my head. Scared and in constant pain, I went from doctor to doctor without answers. Eighteen months later, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). I started the traditional medicine route and felt better, but my right knee kept me awake at night, and I could only take stairs one step at a time. I had constant flare-ups and endless pain.

My intuition told me I would continue to worsen if I didn’t do something different. I didn’t want to depend on medicine to feel better or listen to people telling me there was nothing I could do to improve my RA – besides take more medicine.

I began my health journey and discovered many helpful alternatives, like food choices, energy medicine, mindfulness, and essential oils. When I eliminated dairy, my flare-ups stopped, and I have never had one since. That was over 15yrs ago! In one month of daily energy work, I could easily walk up and down stairs again. My life could have looked different today if I didn’t listen to my intuition. I now go on frequent walks and do simple daily low-impact exercises. Plus, I have the energy to run a blog and Autoimmune mentoring business to help others. I’m glad I didn’t listen to people who said I couldn’t do anything to improve my RA ~ Because I did improve my RA. I now live a fuller life with less pain and more energy.

In Love & Light, Susie ∞

I’m certified in Functional Nutrition, Gut Health, Trauma Energetic Healing, Energy Medicine,

Aromatherapy, and Skincare Formulation. All backed by personal experience.


When you join the Blooming Autoimmune Community, you will discover simple daily practices to lessen your autoimmune pain, calm the mind, and boost energy – so you can enjoy life again!

~ Other Comments ~

The practices you’ll learn here in the Blooming community, can help lessen your pain and boost energy!

You will be guided and inspired on your self-care journey through the ebbs and flows of autoimmune in midlife and discover simple yet powerful everyday practices.

Plus, some fun stuff too.

After all, laughter is the BEST medicine.

Yes, This girly girl is on a zip-line. So much FUN

Most importantly, you can “Bloom Where you are Planted” no matter what shows up in life.

Here’s to Blooming In Midlife with Autoimmune.

Susie ∞

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