Blooming In Midlife

Autoimmune Re~Balance

Blooming In Midlife

Here in the Blooming Autoimmune Community, you’ll Discover how

Food & Drink Choices

Improved Gut Health

Energy Medicine

 Mindfulness Practices

Essential Oils

& Other Extraordinary Practices

can improve your overall well-being so you can enjoy your life again!

Hello, I’m Susie! I believe simple daily choices can lessen your autoimmune pain,

calm the mind, and boost energy – without more medicine!

Blooming In Midlife

I invite you to grab a copy of the,

Autoimmune Relief Bundle:

5 Simple Practices to Lessen Pain

and Find Your Daily Calm!

as a gift when you join the Blooming Community.

Are you ready to reduce your autoimmune pain & boost your energy?

Do you have any burning questions? Let’s chat!

Schedule a free 15-minute chat to see how we can get you feeling

better in your body and mind with less pain & more energy!


Find out more about me and what I offer.

My interview with the Clarity Confidence Connection Summit!

Blooming In Midlife


You’re invited to join other Midlife Autoimmune Bloomers and me in the online Blooming Community.

To Connect, Share, Support, and Discover how to lessen your pain, balance the mind, and

boost energy when living with an autoimmune condition!



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